Garden Work #2
Commissioned garden installation

This October Lieshout has installed a permanent outdoor work on top of a 13th century levee. The construction is made out of approximately 750 pieces of untreated red cedar wood, known for its durability. All pieces are  held with small stainless steel bolts and nuts. The entire construction is resting on steel pipes bolted to six rocks.

This work has been commissioned and is designed especially for this location, a garden in Voorne Putten (NL). The installation is standing on private property, but is very visible from the public road. The red cedar wood will slowly turn a silverish grey over time.

Garden work #1...?

This is the second time Lieshout has been working for a garden. The first "garden work" was commisioned by Kosice in 2013, this city in Slovakia then being the European capital of culture. 

Working with Peter Lipovec and a team of local craftsmen wood from nearby to be demolished army barracks was re-used. This work has become part of the garden it is standing in, plants slowly but surely climbing over the solid wood beams.